Brain Stimulating Approach

It is an established fact now that the first five years of a child’s life are the most important ones. It is the time when his personality and intelligence level are being determined. The child’s brain is a lot more active and alert than an adult is, forever grasping new skills, language and methods.

Research has proven that an infant’s brain is a bundle of more than 100 billion neurons. These neurons determine the maximum potential of an adult individual. That is, the more your child uses the brain to understand and grasp new experiences; more neurons would be used to make the pathways of intelligence.

Our teachers recognize the critical importance of these years and it is therefore an important endeavour at Lakshaya to stimulate the child accordingly. Stimulation at this stage means exposing the child to different environments, fostering his curiosity, encouraging his questions and letting him explore and discover.

Based on comprehensive research we have developed a unique curriculum called the ‘LAKSHAYA PROGRAMME’. Multi-sensory experiences combined with multi-modal teaching approaches provide powerful stimuli to the brain enhancing the child’s capacity to learn and expanding the child’s future proficiencies.

The curriculum provides our children with a solid foundation for learning and helps them realize their full potential as intelligent, creative and whole persons.