Our logo epitomizes our aim to provide a nurturing environment for our children to enable them to reach their full potential.

The giraffe represents far-sighted vision and the desire to get higher knowledge. A giraffe has the largest heart of any land animal, a long neck for seeing the big picture, and treats others with gentleness. At Lakshaya we assure that the understandings of the heart are addressed as well as the understandings of the head. The school provides the right platform for the child to scale the heights of success.

The bright and happy colours of our logo are a powerful, distinguishing feature of our identity. Red is a strong dynamic colour which represents our energy, activity and strength. Yellow is a bright, cheerful colour connected with fun, happiness and sunshine. Blue is the cool calming color of creativity, intelligence and wisdom. Green is the nurturing colour of growth, health and safety. These vibrant and lustrous colours represent how we help our children to paint their future bright.